We Are Not Vibes is committed to working towards a more sustainable future. 

Our candle wax, fragrance, wicks, boxes, thermal bubble bags & mailer bags are made from sustainable products in Australia.

Our mailer bags are all biodegradable & eliminate the need for abundant plastic packaging. 

Our boxes & old book pages are all recyclable.

All of our overspills are created into wax melts for ourselves, friends & family.
Plus any candles that are slightly damaged or have colour issues during the making, are added to our sample sales, we don't throw them out.

Ethically Handmade in Australia.
Every single candle is made by our team here in Brisbane, Australia & all of our old book pages come from our local Rotary Club, where my Dad volunteers & grabs any books that they would throw into the bin, he also hand rips every single book for us.